Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Making tacos for dinner and just thought I'd pause to inventory the cute things Jackson did today: told his Daddy "I'm gonna get you!"; did kepelah, kepelah, kepelah boom with Kate and gently tapped her head with his; said to the baby "Kate, where's mommy?"; and his new thing - when he hurts himself he kisses it to make it better himself if he doesn't feel like coming to get me to kiss it....

Did I really go back to bed this morning and sleep in until 11:30? Is it really already 2:00 in the afternoon? Is that why I feel like I've wasted a precious day? Well the furniture is all painted. One more coat on the bookcase and a few days drying time and it'll be all ready for Jackson's room. Time to hit the shower and continue working on trying to retrieve this day.

Working on My To Do List

Let your patriotic spirit blast through with your own fireworks display. Put those sparkling photos in your free Hometown page with Easy Designer. I need to add "buy new dvd's for Jackson" to my list now that I've memorized all the lines to Finding Nemo.  This a.m. Jackson followed Jeff into the bathroom and said "I'm gonna get you!".  Was he just being cute or quoting Dorie from the movie?  Is it possible that he's matured quite a bit just in the past week?  Does he think I'm going to let him wear his Spiderman pajama top to school again today?

So I begin the day trying to reverse the damage I did to the roses yesterday by leaving the soaker hose on too long.  At least that's what I think caused the instant outbreak of powdery mildew on them to add to the black spot that's developed already.  I just gave them a good spray.  Nothing like a good whiff of fungicide first thing in the a.m.  Next there are bills to pay, groceries to buy, and finally I'll be finishing that furniture I'm repainting for the Prince's room.  The weather is gorgeous here and that's sort of inspiring.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Last 5 Weeks! (of my maternity leave)

or Why I Love My Life...

How to not be excited when I have such wonderful children?'s Kate, still trying to catch up on her beauty rest, and Jackson enjoying a happy meal (we are not capitalizing HM because we're not that happy as they neglected to give him the caramel dipping sauce for his apples AND they gave him a girl toy vs. a boy toddler toy!).  Finally, how can a mother's heart not swell with love for a 2.5 yr. old boy who loves to show affection for his baby sister???? 

In the first photo Kate really looks like Jackson but there is another school of thought which says that she is the spitting image of can that be when he looks like me? 

And the question of the day is:  What movie will we get hooked on next?  We've been through the Baby Einstein stuff, Barney Goes To the Zoo, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....specifically, will Mary Poppins (aka Poppins) catch on or will  buy Shrek for a new favorite?  Thus far Monsters Inc has been viewed exclusively in the car...and we'll start again with Baby Einstein pretty soon when Kate is ready.


Wonderful Weekend at Jersey Shore

What a wonderful relaxing weekend in Ocean City.  What a great feeling to be back in the area that holds so many of my favorite childhood memories.  Jeff and I agreed the best part of the whole weekend was watching Jackson jump in and out of a big hole in the sand like a little sand crab.  He wore himself out such that he needed a 14 hour "nap" and missed going to the boardwalk on Saturday evening.  I definitely sensed that I was the most relaxed out of all of my headhunter friends because I've been off on leave for the past nine weeks.  I just reveled in being able to sit on the beach and lazily work on my crossword puzzles while watching jackson play.  The trip also served as a nice test run for our week long vacation to NC in 2 weeks.

The only bad part of the whole weekend was the packing up and leaving :)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wow, it's Thursday already!

Yesterday was a great day with both kids home.  I got nothing done around the house but oh well.  Ok, I did some laundry and Jackson helped me.  He likes to close the dryer after I load it.  Once I turned it on he said "good job, Mom".  Oooooo K, my 2.5 yr. old is now telling ME "good job".  Another interesting dynamic, out of nowhere Chloe' decides it's time she started sleeping on the furniture again and I had to tell her to keep her boxer butt on the floor in her expensive LL Bean dog bed!  She's also out of sorts because the scale at the vet says she's gained 10 lbs. and so I've cut back on her food and her treats.  She can't possibly go to the beach next month looking like she does!

Must go now to pack up the pack n' play, dig out the cooler and the beach towels, collect the sand toys, etc. for this weekend's trip to Ocean City.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Countdown to Ocean City, NJ trip

It's countdown to the shore trip, we leave first thing Friday morning. It's a rainy day and I should pull out my list and start doing things so I can check them off and start fresh next week. Jackson is home from school today just because Jeff had to rush in to the office and since it's raining he won't miss swimming. I needed him home with us today.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Is Pride Really a Sin?

Is it really a sin to be proud when you're proud of your children?  Can't be!  Yesterday we went to a surprise birthday party at our neighbors' and the children were so well behaved and cute proving that some of the instruction on manners, etc. they receive over here is actually sinking in even if they don't practice these things consistently at home.  This makes me think the daycare ladies are not high when they're telling me Jackson is very well behaved and takes instruction well ;)  So the party was awesome.  The neighbors turned 60, one yesterday and one today, and their 4 kids threw this surprise party.  Everyone was so excited they actually pulled off a surprise - neither one caught on through all the planning and preparation!  There were children, a grandchild, a parent, old neighbors, current neighbors - and everyone had such a warm feeling from being able to participate in this wonderful celebration, especially when watching the video slideshow of photos representing the years of their lives together.  I'm sure they're very proud of their children today too!

Today, for Father's Day, the resident father wishes to attend an antique car show.  Fortunately, it's not too stinkin' hot today and I won't worry about having the baby out in the heat.  This is a big deal show - over 5,000 expected to attend with food and entertainment, etc.  The older kids should enjoy it because both like to jam.  It will be nice to get out of the house and not have to watch CCBB another 3-4 times today!

Friday, June 18, 2004

CJ in Toyland

Feels like every toy the kids own is out and underfoot. Oh, and then there's the sand on the kitchen floor tracked in from the sandbox...really annoyed that I couldn't get a pedicure appt. yesterday when I was in for my hair deal.  Now I will have to do my toes tonight after the kids are in bed and lord knows what my toes look like when I do the home pedicure after several glasses of wine.  TGIF even though I have little sense of what day it is being home on maternity leave for the past 8 wks.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Random Acts of Kindness

A kind word can constitute a Random act of the elderly man at the deli counter today who wanted to look at the baby. After proclaiming Miss Kate to be very cute he added that she is "God's gift to the future". The good feeling from today's encounter will be with me for quite a few days to come.

Count your blessings

As if I didn't already thank God every day for my wonderful family, beautiful home & precious children the point gets driven home yesterday by the news from friends of a marriage on the rocks and the loss of a job.  Automatically I switch into "what can I do to help" mode.  Right now I have my hands full so I'll just pray for them and look for opportunities to listen and pass along a resume, etc. 

Another reason for the quiet mood is that maternity leave is zipping right by and I'm enjoying this time so much I hate to think of it ending.  There are many things planned for the upcoming weeks including a surprise 60th birthday party for the neighbors, a weekend in Ocean City, NJ, a week in the Outer Banks, visits from my mother, godmother & MIL, Kate's Christening.  The most important thing to me is the time I spend bonding with the baby though.  Right now I'm feeling sort of panicked about having to be away from her all day and I did not feel this way with her brother.  I'm much more conscious of the fact that now, while she's an infant, she would benefit so much more from being with me all day.  Once she's closer to age one and into the learning, socializing, etc. she will benefit, just as Jackson does, from the experience at daycare.  He goes to a wonderful place with wonderful teachers who love him.  He's learned a ton and is always having fun when I pick him up.  Let's see how I feel in a month or so when I'm preparing to go back to work.  Here is Jackson's Christening Day - Feb 24, 2002. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Fabulous Dinner in DC

What an awesome time we had.  Getting into the city?  Not a problem!  Katherine was an angel baby and we had the nicest dinner at Poste.  The halibut over asparagus risotto was awesome.  I can't wait to go back there with Jeff!

  Knowing that I am so intrigued by nonsense it should not surprise that I'm fascinated by the fact that if you are a guest at the Hotel Monaco and you are lonely they will send up a goldfish to keep you company.  We all know that if I stayed there I would be requesting a goldfish first thing...

So as for my NewYears resolutions I got out and walked with the baby this a.m. and did a little gardening for a total of 1 hr of activity.  I feel great but I guess it's too late to lose 30 lbs by next weekend's trip to Ocean City, NJ huh?  How did I get from my teeny weeny yellow bikini (no dots) to here, I'm wondering...oh that's right, I let 40 sneak up on me and then had two kids....and I couldn't be happier!  Giving #1 son equal time, this is a pic of him enjoying a fave snack.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Miss Kate and I are meeting friends in DC for dinner tonight at Poste Brasserie in the Hotel Monaco. This is her first trip into the big city. She'll be wearing a new outfit. I'm trying not to stress about getting there and finding it, as I'm a big spaz about the "big city", however, there is valet parking so that's a relief.

Monday, June 14, 2004

About my daughter

Cute little thing, isn't she, at about 7 lbs.? She's now up to over 11 lbs. This morning at our 2:30 a.m. feeding I called her Miss Piggy out of nowhere and it really amused me so I've been calling her Miss Piggy all day.  She could care less as long as the milk is produced when she squeaks.  Very adorable she is.

About My Sweet Son

So here we go -
Over the weekend my sweet boy Jackson locked me out of the house. Obsessed as he is with closing open doors, etc. it was only natural for him to lock the door after going inside to get his "mowk" (milk). Lucky for me the front door was also unlocked and Daddy was inside anyway.