Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter is here

Having missed out on the spiritual aspects of Lent by burying myself in work over the past couple of months I surface this weekend to feel guilty that I'm not observing the most sacred time in the year for a Catholic.  And I'm tempted to just write this one off and say that I "missed" it but I'm thinking that I can salvage the whole thing for myself by just working toward going to Mass tomorrow.  I don't like to be an Easter Catholic and I feel as though I'm missing something if I don't take the whole season to reflect on where I am spiritually and what the holiday means to me this year but realize that it's a cop out if I am thinking all this today and don't go tomorrow.  I'm ashamed of myself I guess and feel like I have to hide from God and not go for all the flowers and the celebration because I wasn't around for all the reflecting, repenting and sacrificing.  Good dose of the guilt and I'm feeling almost prodigal...not that I'm looking for excuses but it's more work when your mate isn't of the same faith and you go it alone.  Plus, at times, it the choice of going to Mass when I like to go and missing out of the family breakfast time vs. going later.  Now that last part is just an excuse.  So I'm going tomorrow.

Around here I'm trying to get the house in order as the clutter has been winning over the past few weeks.  I snuck up on the laundry and finished putting last week's away and will now tackle this weeks'.  The groceries have been bought and the eggs are hardboiled and waiting to be dyed.  The Easter basket stuff is hidden away for the time being and the dining room table, after a quick dusting, will be ready to receive them tomorrow. 

I'd like to take the kids to the circus tomorrow after getting all the chores done today but Alex is here today and not tomorrow and Jeff would want her to go too so rather than drop everything today to go and leave it for Sunday I guess we're not going.  I'm annoyed about that.  I don't like this if Alex isn't here to go then nobody goes but it's on me to rearrange what I want to do to accommodate it.  I don't feel that great today and the house is in need of attention so I will be stressed and won't enjoy myself if we go today.  But if we get tickets for tomorrow and I know that I'm working toward getting things done before we go (and going to Mass) then I'll enjoy it.  I don't like that if Alex can't go we all won't go.  There are things she does when she's with her mom that my kids don't get to do so why should everything they do have to include her or they don't get to do it at all?  I really want to go tomorrow, maybe I'll push the issue. 



Sunday, March 20, 2005

You've never seen a man...

move so fast...I just put Jackson down for a nap and told Jeff that if he did me a "favor" and changed Kate's diaper I'd take her shopping with me....ahhh, what he won't do for some alone time.  Kate, the holy terror, just crawled up the two steps between family room and kitchen for the first time by herself....she's on the move in a big way these days.  Putting her in a shopping cart for a bit may contain her and amuse her at the same time, I'm hoping!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

She's Here, She's There, She's Everywhere

Katherine has discovered forward motion in a big way.  She goes from flat on her stomach to sitting to standing in two blinks of an eye.  While standing in the crib last weekend leaned way over and did a Cirque de Soliel-worthy tumble right out.  She's been in the dog's dish and at the stereo.  I predict she's walking by the time she turns one, which is one month from today.  She is still the sweetest of sweet babies but her little temper is starting to emerge.  Jeff commented that she reminds him more of Jackson (me) each day.  I keep picturing her running along the beach this summer when we go on vacation.  I remember seeing a little girl, about one or so, just running up to the waves at waters edge and thinking that next year it would be Kate doing that.  How quickly the year has gone.  I relinquished the keys to my BMW in exchange for a minivan just under a year ago, sigh....Life is busy, the kids are fun!  It's time to get outside and do the spring garden clean-up in preparation for all the bulbs to come up and bloom. 

Friday, March 18, 2005

Where Have I Been?

Yoiu wanna know where I've been?  I've been engaged in a battle of sorts and have emerged from a depression about work that I did not know I was in.  I am now more energized and enthusiastic about what I am doing.  What has changed?  Several things have changed but a key factor has been the arrival of a consultant who was hired to "fix things".  I laugh at that for two reasons because I think of Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction who introduces himself by saying "I fix things" and because I went to work at my company, originally as a consultant, to not so much fix things but maybe stem the bleeding until some reinforcement could be brought in.  Anyhow, Ms. Wolf (LOL not her real name) has swooped in and made some dramatic, though common sense, impacts on my work.  It's been like a breath of fresh air but I've been working harder than ever, traveling to one of our other offices, and strangely enough, getting promoted. 

On a personal note, I took the kids up to Philly to visit family and friends over Martin Luther King holiday weekend.