Monday, September 6, 2010


One thing about me is that I have to have things figured out. I can't let go of a conundrum. And so when presented with the question "Why and How a person can act the way they do?" my little ole pea brain just kept working on it until the AHA moment came...ARROGANCE

It's kind of like "the devil made me do it" (fellow old-timers, that was Flip Wilson wasn't it? I loved Flip Wilson)

Yes, sometimes it's pure, unrelenting ARROGANCE that drives behavior. Trying to wrap your brain around "how could they be that way", "why can't they see the damage they do" is's ARROGANCE through and through.

Now I can work on the next puzzle....

Happy free "stay at home day" to all who are enjoying a day off and the lovely East Coast/Mid-Atlantic weather!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gorgeous Weather Saturday

One of those days when everyone is wishing the whole summer could be like this - maybe until the first snowfall-or at least a full week?

Kate's first soccer practices were this week and she's pumped about playing again. Fierce is the word that comes to mind when I see her running on the field. She can't wait to put the uniform on for the first game - and what a cool uniform - shirts more like under armour than the usual shiny gross oversized stuff....very cool...and yes it is worth the extra time it takes to drive to Ashburn so she doesn't have to wear the ugly orange SYSA uniform....betcha thought I was kidding, but I wasn't!

Today was back to school haircut and new I wish she was wearing a uniform and little leather oxfords with knee socks! Those were the good old parochial days of my childhood.

Tomorrow I have a Thai massage - thank you Joe for returning to Evian/Solace - you were missed!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Still Standing


Great weekend - did you check me out on FB? Took the train to NYC with babygirl on Saturday and hit American Girl Place, bought her the doll, and a basketball outfit for "the doll", and toured around NY on a gorgeous day on a siteseeing bus, and saw my Spanish/Chinese son Eduardo briefly, and Sunday I rocked the academic garb as a Georgetown faculty member welcoming the freshman class of 2014. Grand finale? Yes I did have one....saw Donna Summer at WolfTrap on Sunday night and it was GREATTTTT!!!! Great show, she never sounded better, great seats, great company, great wine and snacks before the show...there was one drawback but it pains me to recall so I'll leave that out...had to do with someone seated near us...

So Monday rolls around and it's an ok day and I'm headed out to pick up Kate's soccer uniform and I get on the wrong train...don't ask me how it happens, ok, it just does and that cost me a half hour, then I waited in WFC for almost an hour for the f'ing bus, and finally on my way out to Leesburg to take care of business when I get a message from work about having a chat regarding something I'd submitted as a "final draft".

Turns out (through mostly no fault of my own) I was off the mark in terms of the audience I was actually writing to...but getting the message made me nervous and having to rewrite (again, 2nd time) made me nervous too...I should take these things in stride but have a lot at stake right we get on the call and talk through things and I'm less uneasy and so not even that annoyed that "Play It Again Sports" in Leesburg was out of the stock on the I head to Wegman's to pick up a few things for dinner and of course, some wine.

I got home and unpacked my groceries and found there was no wine to be found...I'd left it at the checkout. Under normal circumstances this would not bring a woman to tears but let's just say these were not normal circumstances so I had a little fit then drank a glass of red...was ok, we were having steak anyway....

and yesterday morning thought I'd planned it perfectly but still managed to be very late for my doctor's appt in Bethesda...headed to the office to work on some stuff that needs to get done and meet with my advisor...we even met an hour earlier than planned so I was able to get out of the office to get Kate to her first soccer practice...ha ha ha, that's so funny, isn't it? it's not? ooooh, forgot to mention that I'd left the side door on the mommymobile open and the battery died (takes an hour and a half for that to happen, btw) so I was stuck at the Dunn Loring Metro Station with my jumper cables waiting for either of the cars parked beside me to move or a miracle. Turns out I got the miracle. Not 1 but 2 people to help and we connected 2 sets of cables together to get enough length to reach a car behind the van to do the jump. And I was not amused AT ALL by the references to 'BEING JUMPED'...

oooh, what makes this even funnier is that it was 96 degrees in the shade and I was drenched...schvitzing as my Hebrew brethren like to say....big SCHVITZ! So my car is running and it's cooling off inside and I'd triaged a ride to practice for Kate so decided to go to the OTHER store and get that uniform DAMMIT! I'd already called and they said they had her size in off I went. That done I went back to good old Wegman's with my good old receipt and got my wine...then gas...then home.

I don't care what anyone says, I deserved a wine party after those two days...

and if you missed this on Facebook, last week was also a doozy - with me and some dork at the Park n Ride screaming at each other as we got off the bus and all the way to our cars....I was not in the mood for anyone to start up with me and that's all he seemed to want to do so I had to "get Chester on him".

Now I'm going to Chester up and get on with things because the stupid shit that keeps happening is making me laugh at this point...and thank you to the not ONE but TWO GOOD SAMARITANS at the train station who took the time in the heat after a day at work to get me back on the road....Thank you and God Bless You! You know they were glad I didn't hug them being all schvitzy and all, right?

So here's to jumper cables x 2, calling ahead to see if the merch is in stock, keeping your receipt handy, J. Lohr chardonnay, and the ability to work from home on occasion.....All's well that ends well and I'm still standing.