Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fa La La La La

I have been sick as a dog - going into week #3 with bronchitis and a pain in the back of my head that makes me nauseous.  I went back to the dr. and he said the pain is most likely muscular and stress-related.  I guess so when I'm so freakin' busy at work - behind the veritable 8-Ball, have Christmas and houseguests looming, Jackson's birthday which I want to make special even though it's in the midst of holiday preparations, kitchen floor running behind schedule, granite installation having to be pushed back, new kitchen table coming next Friday but chairs some time in Jan.  And the house if a filthy mess with dust from the tiling everywhere you turn.  I can't wait to have my kitchen and family room furniture back where it belongs so that my bedroom is no longer the breakfast nook and romper room all rolled into one....The bronchitis is just about cleared up although I had a coughing fit today and I'm taking some high test cough medicine with codiene in it and two different painkillers - one for day time and one for at night.  The daytime one barely took the edge off the pain today.  How am I supposed to recruit when I'm in this state?  I'm in really good shape as far as Christmas shopping some how.  My packages to send to Aunt Dee & Uncle Ed, my mom, and Julie are ready to go to the post office and since Annette & Jeff are coming here there is no need to mail their gifts - but they're wrapped and ready just the same.  I'd still love to get something for Billy & Stephen and mail it off to my Mom's for them but that's a separate shopping trip.  I did the official toy buying today at Target.  Jackson doesn't know yet to ask for everything under the sun and of course Kate doesn't.  Alex's list consisted of primarily movies.  I got her quite a few nice gifts - mainly three outfits, several books, a necklace, pj's, etc.  and one game. 

I may hit the Godiva store to buy gifts for the special folks around the office who make my life so much easier.  I know I'm not baking several batches of cookies to give away this year.  I'll be lucky if I get the pierogis made but maybe the Friday or Saturday before Christmas.  I'm not in the mood to write Christmas cards, partially because I don't have a really cool pic of the kids to send this year.  We'll see what happens, I still have time. 

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Remodeling Woes

 Our new kitchen tile is positively gorgeous and so is the granite for the countertop.  There are 3-4 days of work left to do on the floor and that part of the downstairs is a wreck.  We are upstairs with the kids thinking about all of the things we need to do before Christmas.  I'm thinking a list is in order at this time.  The kitchen table we picked out is out of stock until January so we're going to hunt for an alternate today.  I'd love to have the floor, counters, and the new table before Jeff & Annette come in two weeks but it's looking doubtful on the table part. 

I had the brilliant idea of taking Jackson and a few buddies from school to see Disney on Ice for his birthday...and it's definitely running now.  It's not running in Washington at the moment though.  Oops, back to the drawing board to find an activity that will be cool for a birthday celebration.  We don't do the Chuck E. Cheese's deal.  He is scared of the mouse and the mayhem makes me nutso. 

I'm hoping that now that I'm on the antibiotic my bronchitis will clear up quickly.  I haven't been so sick in a long time and with so much to do - work and home and then there's preparing for Christmas.  I'm wondering when we'll make the pierogi - we have to make them again - they're fabulous, and despite my intentions to make them at least twice per year we only manage to make them for Christmas and freeze several dozen to enjoy for a few months after. 

Must get to the list.