Sunday, October 26, 2008

I did it, I'm dressed for Mass with 10 mins to spare

I pushed myself to get into the shower lest I get bogged down arguing with the kids about their little messes and their whining. If I get out of the house first thing I'll have a good start and some momentum. I had to go down the hall to the linen closet for fresh towels and peeked into the bedrooms of the older kids and both look like a bomb went off in them. Since the 4 year old does a better job of keeping her room neat and knows that when she's told to pick everything up off of the floor that doesn't mean just put it all on top of a piece of furniture (or under) we're going to have a little contest to see which of the older two does the better job of picking up their room and the little one will be the judge. This contest is in lieu of my going downstairs and screaming at them about the mess while they're enjoying their Sunday nice of me, huh?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, er, sort of

My child is screaming bloody murder. She's had the freshest mouth for weeks now and she's been warned. Daddy finally had it and put her in her room for a time out. That's didn't go over well...more screaming. Brother is at a friend's playing so what should be a quiet afternoon with the girls watching a movie and daddy and me web surfing has turned into a battle zone. Suddenly it's quiet. And it's dark today too, because it's rainy. I want to put down this laptop and roll over and have a snooze but it's 4:30 and I cooked a roast so now have to go make my potatoes and another veggie and finish off the dinner. Then I'll have the evening but unless I get a 2nd wind I don't think I'll be downstairs in my scrap nook working on anything. The mind is willing but the body wants to stay right here and watch Law&Order later - maybe play a little wordscraper on least I got out to pick up my prescription and get groceries so I can cook this weekend. This new work schedule leaves no time to plan, shop for, and cook a meal or any combination of the above, during the week. Tonight is a little roast beef with mashed potatoes and asparagus, tomorrow I'm planning to make chicken soup and also a pot of tomato sauce with Italian sausage in it to have over pasta for dinner one night this week. I need a 2nd wind, I need a 2nd wind...forcing myself to get up so I can put the potatoes on to boil and rotate the laundry out of the washer and into the dryer and then fold some.
Jeff cleaned today - thoroughly mopped the tile floors in the kitchen and family room - had to change the water in the middle...I need to call the cleaning lady this week and have the little chat about not being able to afford to pay her to come and half-ass clean my house when I'm capable of half-ass cleaning it myself....It's taken me a few weeks to get to the point of being ready to have this conversation because I was so irritated about having to have it in the first place. I'm not as irritated now. I'll walk through the dry mopping under all of the furniture in the family room, wiping down the baseboard/tiles in the bathroom where water drips from hand drying and it gets gungy, and the use of the sponge mop vs. the stick and rags on the more time....and this will be the last time. During the three weeks my thoughts ran the gamut of - just stopping the service and doing myself, hiring someone else, having the talk but then worrying that there will be resentment, etc. It's only fair to have the talk. These are bad times economically and no one can afford to lose income. I'd want to know the real deal. These are conversations that are difficult for me to have....I just want everyone to do what they're supposed to do and then everybody's happy. It doesn't work that way, does it?
I have to finish off this dinner-making because Jackson needs to be picked up in about 40 mins.....If anyone needs lessons in how to waste time please drop me a line - I am sooooo good at it!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

back to what was i thinking

Ok, I had my hands really full before but this week started commuting into DC (planes, trains, buses) and I have to just wake up in action mode, get ready and leave to catch the bus. No time to think, help, eat, etc. Unless I get up earlier... I know this is a new thing and will settle into a routine but last night I fell asleep putting Jackson to bed and slept in his twin bed all night with him. I mean straight through. Meaning I didn't hear the 6:00 alarm and got up at 7 so no 7:14 bus for me today. So I'm on this bus and I need a tissue but used them all yesterday because I have this headcold. It seems I need to create a master plan here around meals, activity schedules, homework, laundry (to make sure everyone's activity uniforms are clean and ready). So yes Miss Smarty pants who was conducting it all like Leonard Slatkin with the Washington Symphony, well yes she's stumped boys and girls.
Now I'm back on the bus after a day of sitting in front of my computer doing an online orientation. When I opted to leave iknew there was a tight window to make the 5:45 bus. What I didn't expect was that both the bus and the train would shut their doors in my face and pull away. If it had,it happened on the metro I would have been on the earlier bus. How on earth am I going to do this? I'm thinking cook meals ahead of time on the weekend...yeah right. Everyone's clothes are getting laid out the night before. Lunches made. Breakfast thought out. I definitely need that 2nd dose of Adderall each day to keepfoused on all that needs to get done. I knew this was coming all the while I was underemployed all summer. My new adventure...YIKES!!