Saturday, January 28, 2006

This is getting boring huh?

Alex is here this weekend and she suggested Jeff take her and Jax to the movies.  Jackson has never been to a movie at a theater. 

I'm still in my nightshirt straightening up the house - e.g. clearing out a bunch of stuff from Kate's drawers that no longer fits so her clothing isn't stuffed in and we can actually find socks in the morning.  I dressed her in a really cute pink cordouroy dress just because she's been wearing jeans and turtlenecks all week and I wanted to dress her up.  Now I have to figure out a place for us to go maybe.  It's almost her nap time so that buys me some time to take a shower, etc.

Tomorrow Jax and I will go to mass.  Our new church, Our Lady of Hope, opened last weekend.  I had stopped going weekly and when I restarted around Thanksgiving I began attending at the newer parish right up the road a piece vs. my old parish in the town we used to live in.  I stayed with the old one because I'd been active  as a lector, etc. prior to having the kids and this new parish didn't even form until a year or so after we moved here and I didn't know about it right away....they built a big church and a Catholic elementary school and started raising money for the church which was finished recently and dedicated on 1/17.  It's really a neat structure - they call it modern gothic - see drawing attached and here is the link to the parish website.   I've been thinking I'd like Jackson to go to the school but haven't discussed with Jeff yet.  First thing's first - I haven't even registered in the parish yet.  

Sounds like a typical weekend for me - I don't have a big plan.  We usually spend the weekend trying to get the house tidied up from the busy week. grocery shopping, etc. before starting back into the grind all over again.   I need to get up to see my mom - the weekend I had was all set to go turned out to be when my friend's Stephen's memorial service was held and I felt like I needed to go to that. 

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Again

It's nearly nine and time to get ready for Mass.  Jackson and I will be going to the new church for the first time this morning.  The dedication was Thursday and now that the bishop has sprinkled the walls with holy water, and incense has been burned throughout, it's time to go there vs. the SRO high school auditorium.  Yeah!

I'm sitting here with my coffee, in the clothes I wore yesterday and then slept in.  Jackson, who took a long nap (all afternoon) did not want to go to bed last night so after listening to him wail for 30 minutes or so came up to lie down with him and fell asleep.  It was one of those nights where I woke up throughout and thought about getting into my own bed - ah, the cool, smooth sateen sheets - but instead slept with Batman. 

We've just finished our breakfast of oatmeal and fresh strawberries.  Jeff and little lady will be staying home and Jax and I will embark on the Sunday routine of Mass then to Wegman's for groceries.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Peaceful Sunday - Am I in the Wrong House?

Work is as busy as ever but my new recruiting coordinator started last week and suddenly I feel like I can breathe.  The person who referred her is a close friend of hers who used to do the same job so the friend came down from Philly to train Danielle all day Wednesday - suddenly I'm getting really lucky.   Since I'm over my bronchitis and whatever else from over the holidays I feel loads better and got a ton of work done yesterday, am doing some today, and tomorrow is a holiday for us but I'll be working some tomorrow as well while toasting MLK and his contributions to our society.  Last year at this time I was headed into the delivery room with my friend Stacey who had her son Ben on MLK's bday.   My ankle biters are doing well.  It's been a relaxing weekend believe it or not.  Jackson and I attempted Mass this a.m. but is was SRO in the hall of the high school auditorium so I might as well not have been there but we stuck it out then went grocery shopping.    It's sunny here but bitter cold and windy.