Sunday, November 30, 2008

Follow Me, Follow You

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Freecycling Rocks!

Last night I scored a 6 ft, four shelf metal unit from someone on Cascades Freecycle! We've said we needed about 6 more to move forward in organizing our basement so we can move forward on finishing it off little by little. Just by sitting at the computer I gave away a really old 10 speed bike and got the shelving. I love FREECYCLE!! Later I have to look through my garage sale pile and pull out the kitchen housewares stuff for another freecycler who is setting up household. Bye bye old glassware and cannisters! I have so much more to do but with every item that goes out the door and into the hands of someone who is actually in need of it - makes me feel so satisfied!! I think Jeff just got hom efrom picking up the shelving - YAY!
Now we'll fight over where to put it - my vote goes to the kids' area so we can stack their bins of toys, at least on the bottom two shelves. Seriously this organizing can be so overwhelming but by focusing on getting rid of things a little at a time it's not so daunting. I need to go through my closet to make sure I have no more small size slacks because I have a home for them if I find any.

Friday, November 28, 2008

and I'm Baaaaaack

In under an hour and a half I got my two craft carts - wrapping paper storage tote (this one tall enough for rolls of paper, unlike the last one I bought assuming it would be tall enough because it was for wrapping paper...NOT! Picked up some stocking stuffers for the kids, some cool books for them, scrapbook paper for a special project or two or three, and some ornaments that will go on gift packages. The parking lot for the Leesburg outlets showed signs that it was mobbed last night (cars parked on the grass on the outskirts of the parking lot). As I left Jo-Ann's I saw the news chopper flying overhead monitoring traffic and the lot was again full at the outlets. Jo-Ann's wasn't as bad as it could have been - only two ahead of me in line and I thought these craft bins would have been going like hotcakes at that price. After an additional 20% off they were $25. There's no going back to bed because I have the hair appt later and after that forget it because Jeff is going for a massage - finally - that was a gift from Father's Day that I had to finally break down and make the appointment for because he'd never have scheduled it. I may be at the movies later with the kids to see Madagascar 2 which won't be so bad because definitely after that I'll be napping!


Oh yes I did - I woke up sharp as a tack at 4 a.m. thinking the Jo-Ann Superstore, which has this craft storage rack for sale at 57% off, was opening at 5...oh yes I did! Fortunately, I looked at the sale flyer again before heading out in the cold. They open at 6! Considering there's nothing I need at Kohl's at 5:00 a.m., nor Walmart, I am still at home but leaving in 6 minutes to head to Jo-Ann's. I can't believe I woke up but I was up and dressed with travel mug of hot coffee in hand right on schedule. I am a woman on a mission today!! There's nothing in the flyer that says limit 1 or 2 per customer so the thing is that I'm tempted to get 3. These things are, in my opinion, overpriced - all of them - whether they're the high end ones or the cheapie ones - any of these storage bin thingys, with or without wheels are overpriced. That is why my internal clock had me up and ready - I know a good deal when I see you really need any more proof than that?
I suppose I could have used the extra hour to jump in the shower and do something with my hair but, seriously, WHY? Why would I do that for the craft ladies at Jo-Ann's when I have a hair appointment at 11 anyway? I should probably head straight from Jo-Ann's to the mall so I can get a parking space on this crazy day called Black Friday. I know the mall will be a mob scene but I wasn't thinking about that when I made the appt and I REALLY need a haircut and highlights! There's my timer - off I go!