Monday, February 7, 2005

Child's Play

Kate thinks it's cool to stand up now to play.  Don't let the pics fool you, she needs close supervision while doing it because she can't get up there by herself yet and sort of rolls down when's she's had enough (or loses her balance).  In the exersaucer she likes to stand forward then hurl herself backward into the seat, over and over and over.  How she can do this and not give herself a headache???  But she's working those thighs and abs while she's at it.

Jackson decided his grocery store/cash registers toy is now a television.  He set it up with a video where the produce basket goes and put Kate's Cabbage Patch doll Kathie Marcia, in front of it to watch the movie.  I told him that tv is no replacement for quality time with his niece...too funny!  He's also been pretending to help Kathie Marcia walk.  He's a nurturer!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

The Fight for Alpha Male

Jeff and Jax are locked into a battle to determine alpha male position at our house.  Jeff has commented on the fact that when Jackson and I go at it we are a force to be reckoned with however I am seeing the same thing at work here.  Subject of today's controversy?  Taking excess toyage upstairs to Mr. Boy's the end of the evening Jax was yelling at Jeff "Don' .....TOYS!"  That, of course, went over really well with Dad...yet, somehow they worked it out and the bath was had and the stories read and all is quiet down the hall. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Me and E-Commerce

Remember when e-commerce was somewhat of a novelty and people still went to stores for everything?  Ok, so they ordered from catalogs, sometimes even being so radical as to do it over the phone....

I have had many positive e-commerce experience and swear by it in fact, even ordering my groceries online via Peapod...however, I am so ticked off -

I decided not to be outdone by my friend at work who recently bought herself a cocktail late Sunday afternoon (when I should have been getting dinner started) I bought one on ebay that I love and damn if I don't get screwed just like I do every time...I'm salivating at the thought of it arriving in the mail (big honkin' aquamarine) and the seller emails me - after I emailed first to inquire *annoying* and says they are having problems on their end with paypal...I want to scream...why can't this be easy for me???   I am like an e-commerce, ebay, mail order disaster...Ok so I've had some good experiences but unlike pregnancy and childbirth I only remember the BAD SHIT!  I ordered a kids' CD player for Jax back while I was still on maternity leave.  It arrived but I didn't even open the outer packaging because I didn't want him to see it and it was meant to be for when he was going potty regularly....I relented and gave for Christmas and the goddamned thing didn't work from the start - too bad the window to return to smartbargains had run out 4 months prior and so more aggravation for me......ugh!  after several calls including one to the UK I got them to agree to take it back and they're no longer selling it so I'm off to find a replacement somehow because darned if that 3 year old doesn't realize his stereo is gone! sorry for the rant and now the little brat is up and singing and it's nearly 10...I should copy this into a blog, huh?