Friday, July 22, 2005

It's been so long

It's been a while so I thought I'd just drop in vs. having pics to write about or an event, etc.  Want to memorialize Jackson's calling McDonald's Old McDonald's for one thing.  Also the kids are getting so cute and maturing to the next level and I'm just not capturing it...Katherine, aka Kate, aka Piggers, aka Chiggen Nugget, is walking finally.  She has had the capability but two weeks ago Jeff and I worked on her confidence and she's doing it!  I am so excited to see her walking on water's edge when we're in Corolla this summer.  Hopefully we can lure Grandma to the beach more than last year.  I am planning on virtually living on the beach this year and getting tanned as a leather book (ha!  thank you to my new southern friends for that phrase, bless their hearts!). 

I was in Atlanta this past week for two days and it was a good time both professionally and personally in that I bonded with friends, ate some good food, and learned some things regarding work that will help going forward.  I'm grooming myself to be a Steel Magnolia vs. the Yankee tough girl that I've been and it's all good. 

I have pics to upload of the kids in their wading pool and in the sprinkler, and pics of us at the zoo.  We went to the zoo the day the new panda was born so there was much excitement in the air. 

I just want to record the fact that although I haven't been a blogging maniac I am enjoying my kids like I could never have imagined.  These have been the best years of my life, bar none, and although I had them over 40 and don't know any better about having kids in high school or college already - I am still having a great time with them.  I still prefer spending time with my son to most other folk...he's getting to be so much fun!!!  We have settled into a routine where he goes grocery shopping with me on the weekend and it's all good.  He is showing an afinity for gardening and tending to the plants like I have and which I feel is in my blood from my Granny's, etc. so it makes me feel so connected to them to be showing him how to pick off dead leaves and water slowly, etc.  What a special time in my life!!