Monday, January 24, 2005

Miss Congeniality - NOT

Miss Piggers has her first major cold and she is the crabbiest she's ever been, ever, ever.  Crabby is Daddy's word.  She fell asleep in my arms and after a bit I put her down in her crib where she proceeded to wake and raise a fuss.  Just then the phone rang and by the time I got off she'd pulled her blankie up around her face and fallen asleep.   The diva likes to have the covers all around her head, just as I do.  Makes me a bit nervous but it's usually the lacy afghan so there are plenty of holes for her to breathe.  Now I know what my Granny meant when she said I was a really good girl, when I was sleeping!  angel clipart 1

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Another Year and...

Another year and I have not seen one movie.  I think I at least maybe saw one movie in a theater last year?  Maybe not.  This year I recognize not one film that is up for a Golden Globe award.  That's a lie, I recognize Ray but I didn't see it. 

Hubby was sick all day today so no cart racing for him.  I'm still up to my eyeballs in laundry but feel like I've got the upper hand for a change.  Tomorrow is a holiday for me and one of my bestest friends is having a baby.  I will be in attendance as I am one of her designated birth coaches.  I was there when her daughter was born and it was a wonderful experience.  Wonder why no one asks to be there when I have my C-sections?  Hmmmm. 

This should be an interesting week on the work front.  Lots of possibilities out there for a change. 

Monday, January 10, 2005

Kate Has a Tooth

Helth040.gifMiss Girlie Girl has cut her first tooth~note:  her teething crabby is about a 3 on the scale that Jackson's every day crabby is an 8.  What a difference in their temperaments and it may sound like I am complaining about him but I am not.  It's an observation because he is as precious to me as my right hand, my own soul for that matter.  Anywho, I bought Kate her 3rd pair of shoes and these actually stay on her feet.  She's not the mary jane/t-strap type as her feet are still in sort of an arched state and those strap on puppies just slide right off.  I bought her some white high tops that tie and they remain intact.  I can't believe she'll be walking soon.  We've been talking about our summer vacation and I can remember sitting on the beach last year watching a little girl, as cute as can be with curly hair in a bubble suit/sunsuit outfit running along the shoreline and thinking that this year when we go to North Carolina my Katherine will be walking.  The tooth has not really surfaced but it's cut through the gum.  I will start the picture taking once the white shows from a distance.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Raising procrastination to an art form

It is 2:30 p.m. I just finished showering.  Neither kid wants to nap.  Hubby is on the sofa watching football and hoping Jax nods off.  Piggers is playing with her new toys and I am doing everything I can think of to stay away from taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree.....I will dry my hair, put in a load of wash and take to the living room and get the tree undecorated.  My reward will be a glass of the new reisling I picked up on Friday. 

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Rant: mornings are complicated

Think about waking up on a Saturday morning.  What does it entail?  Rub your eyes, have a pee, get back in bed?  Here's what it's like over here:  Jax with wet diaper calling Mommyyyyyy, shuffle down the hall before he wakes up Kate.  Take off diaper and put him on the potty (a little closing the barn door after the horse is out, I know), new diaper and if we're lucky wet diaper didn't leak so no need to change p.j.s immediately.  Shuffle downstairs to let stinky brown dog out & release wussy pee pee dog from his crate where he's been wailing, let him out.  Feed cat who's been following me around meowling for her breakfast.  Pour milk into sippy cup for #1 child.  Wipe dog paws and let them in; distribute biscuits & fill water bowl.  Pour coffee and crawl back upstairs to retrieve #2 child and administer milk.  Maybe take that pee now.  Lather rinse repeat....

Today's rave:  Jackson moved from the 2's room to the 3's room at daycare resulting in a $40/week reduction in tuition.  $40 a WEEK and Kate will be moving to older infants within the next 3 months so we'll have another reduction shortly.  Found money to pay off Christmas????


Another rant:  What is with Brad and Jennifer??  He knows I'm married, he might as well stick with her!


Friday, January 7, 2005

I've met my Beryl

Are you a person who believes two souls can bond together so very tightly at first meeting, like they were destined to be soulmates, share a brain, understand one another, be another's shoulder, etc?  That is my La F.  We met when I returned to work from maternity leave; bonded instantly.  She understands what I'm trying to say when I can't sputter it out and she understands what I'm not saying.  Of course she's not perfect - who is?  Not me!!!  Just had to memorialize the fact that I've met a friend like my mom's friend Beryl...I'm so lucky to have so many good friends, no seriously, REALLY good friends.  I'm talking about seriously beautiful human beings who GET ME.  Some of them are from years ago, some of them are newer, some are brand new, some are cyber friends I've never lucky am I?  How lucky am I that on my short journey I've met my perfect partner, worked in a job I only dreamed about, gave birth to two children who I consider gifts from God entrusted to my care, and on top of all that have a support system that self-help books are written about?  Ok, I am my own worst critic, I've been accused of being a perfectionist (whatever), but I have succeeded in drawing to myself some of the most amazing, intelligent, talented, beautiful inside and out, awesome women....I am rich beyond my wildest imaginings.  But I'm off topic - finding my Beryl in La F & what this means to me - this means that all the stupid nonsense that comes out of my mouth, she knows what to take seriously and how to take as nonsense stuff that sounds serious.  She knows I speak from my heart about things I care about, that I care about the right things, that my ego is not wrapped up in it.  What a gift it has been to still be finding friends as awesome as my La F to add to the other wonderful women in my life AT MY AGE!!!...Take heart everybody - genuine people really do exist out there!!!  God Bless You La F, you are truly amazing.  Thank you for your understanding & support and for being you.  xo

Monday, January 3, 2005

Don't Make Me Go

What color is anxious anyway?  I try to match the font color to my mood...oh well, it's not exactly gray but I really dread going in to work tomorrow for some reason.  Nothing major is going on but it's facing the same old crap.  Sounds like big time burn out, no?  I felt horrible all day, sort of migraine coming on feeling and nauseous.  Feeling much better now but rather that going to bed early here I sit playing mah jong solitaire like a lunatic and getting more butterflies in my stomach the longer I sit.  I'm going to have to break down and listen to my voicemail in a second and then hit the sack.  My second interview for new job has not yet been confirmed which I find somewhat strange considering the recruiter's sense of urgency up until last week, and I think that I've made up my mind to switch to a different area for recruiting should it be offered to me.  Most of what's making me feel sick is the thought of facing the same two faced lying antileaders but I must do what my momma taught me and put on my happy face so I can get in there and do the job they're paying me to do.  No one ever knows for sure what the next day will bring and sometimes it's a pleasant surprise.  Hope springs eternal...the anxious comes from knowing that I have to make a change but not yet knowing what the right move will be.  I get this way whenever I make a decision to make a decision vs. maintaining the status quo.  Time to do some serious praying here along the "ask and it shall be answered lines..."  Just looking for a little direction here.  Off I go...

Cuppa Joe?

CoffeeMy Mr. Big Shot who wanted coffee this morning and drank the few drips I gave him, pronouncing it "good coffee huh?" was shy about going into his new room today.  Yes that's right, he drank some Illy brand espresso coffee sweetened with a little liquid sugar that I got for Christmas, and went off to school wanting to be carried.  That boy knows how to tug at my heartstrings from all sides, doesn't he?  How is it possible that I find a way to love him more each day?  His tantrums have drastically lessened and he's communicating at a higher level now - very entertaining to talk to these days.  He loves to play with Katherine and her new toys and has shown a willingness to share his things with her.  One of the things he started doing over the holiday break was helping to feed her and he's quite good at it when he concentrates on being gentle with her.  He's eating a lot better now and has cut back on his milk consumption as he's gotten more interested in different foods.  Some of his favorites are:  corndogs, quesidillas, spaghetti-o's, real spaghetti, chicken nuggets, french fries, and he's still a big fan of most fruits.  Right now he's diggin' clementines.  He's actually been eating his veggies including salad with tomatoes and has even tried cauliflower. 

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Put It In Reverse

car clipart bmwMiss Pink & Fluffy Katherine is getting mobile.  She has taken to moving herself in reverse, the backward squirm which, as I recall is the precursor to the commando crawl forward, leading to the full out crawl, leading to asking for the keys to the car...  

I took both kids to Mass this morning, ran a little late but pushed on anyhow - better late than not at all.  We'll work on the timing.  I didn't wake up intending to take them but forgot Jeff has cart racing every other Sunday.  I was thrilled to see Jackson saying The Lord's Prayer along with the rest of the congregation!  Time to teach another prayer I suppose and get started on a hymn or two.  Almost as cute as Jax knowing the words to Our Father was Jax getting his mouse, Squeak E. to stand up beside him when everyone else was standing up.  Got to love that boy!  And there is nothing better than napping with the kids than waking to find that hubby has started the dinner.  Yum!

What Kind of Cat Am I?

You are a Siamese! You are fun-loving, playful, energetic, talkative, and exotic. You are the center of attention and you love every minute of it.

Feeling pretty good despite polishing off a bottle of shiraz last night with my pork roast dinner.  I feel the good luck just flowing over here.  Between having the bayberry candles burn all the way down without going out on Christmas Eve to the yummy pork & sauerkraut good luck New Year's Day dinner this should be a damn good year. 

Or maybe it was the walk I took with neighborhood buddy MarciaMarciaMarcia (hereafter referred to as MMM) who is also my WW in "going to WW with MMM"....or maybe it's the fact that I've decided to take charge of things with my life again rather than just going with the flow as I have been over the past five years.  Things will continue to get more organized around the house as we continue with the decluttering vs. letting it overwhelm us right out of the house.  Whether this job opportunity works out this week or not I am now officially on the hunt for a better situation.  Better professionally for me and financially for the family.  I thought my risk switch had been permanently pushed to the OFF position and I would try to hang on to my current role forever and ever but I keep landing in the same state of discontent and now that the childbearing has been accomplished it's time to take my own best advice about the griping - do something about it or STFU.  So I've made the decision to get back in the game and take advantage of the fact that I am in control instead of letting opportunities pass me by.  My resolutions for this year are the same as last - to keep going to Mass, keep saving a little more money, and keep exercising.