Sunday, November 4, 2007

I had such a relaxing day but I am so tired!

Another weekend and I keep meaning to hit the scrapbooks – even have two pages planned out, ready to crop and decorate…but the weekend activities kept me from it – yesterday afternoon was wide open – took a nap J Today was wide open – organized all of the online photos in one master file and now burning CD’s as backup.  Did pork loin in the slow cooker and made an apple cake while keeping the laundry going.  I’m exhausted, have I mentioned that I’m exhausted?  Haven’t written since summer vacation and tons have been going on since – Jackson is in kindergarten and doing well.  In two weeks he’ll switch from after school daycare to a program at the martial arts studio and he’ll be on his way to being a tae kwon do master.  He’s been asking about doing that since school began in September and finally I checked it out and it seems like a really good deal.  Soccer is over for both Kate and Jax and she’ll be starting dance lessons at the same studio where her friends Neena and Kelly take class.  She’s also been asking about that for a while but with soccer and swimming enough was enough.  I’m exhausted, LOL