Sunday, May 7, 2006

It's Sunday Again

Tomorrow it's back to the grind to clean up the messes that accumulated while I disengaged for the week.  I can't say that all of the closets got cleaned out but I feel like I made a dent - got some things organized, some things done, some things scheduled, had some new ideas.  I feel infinitely better equipped (ok not infinitely, there's a limit to the crap one can absorb) to deal with the stresses of work...better equipped to work on taking the stress out of work, to stop internalizing more...I've already gone a little down that road and it feels terrific. 

The other day we talked about taking a long weekend and renting a cabin in the woods, near a lake or something.  I need to research the possibilities because that sounds heavenly to me.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

After the week off

I will have to admit that while I could most definitely use another full week off to putter around the house and garden that this week has served its intended purpose.  I feel recharged and energized to some extent.  The trip to visit the Mama took two days out of my plan but it was time well spent.  Having the files and "important papers" finally in order paved the way to making the appointment for estate planning.  The savings accounts for the little ones are finally open so all of their gift money can go right in and their nest eggs will grow.  I have miles to go but this campaign of getting rid of so much excess of everything is underway and paying off.  Wow, it was nice to come downstairs this morning to a really clean refrigerator!!  Sometimes it's the simple things that mean a lot....

Monday, May 1, 2006

Vacation Day 1

Yes friends, that's the FLY Lady - FLY = Finally Loving Yourself....I am a half day into my vacation week and have written checks, folded and put away laundry, talked with Stacey and Mom, and now I'm diving into four boxes of "stuff" that need to be gone through and organized - mostly chucked - some salvaged to remain as my "files".  Paris Hilton is on Ellen today - that alone is worth taking a vacation day.  She has her four dogs with her and the show is all about dogs.  My brain would NOT turn to mush if I didn't have a job!