Saturday, October 30, 2004

I'm Baaaack

It has been a very very busy month since last I wrote.  Jeff just returned from a 10 day business trip to California for the launch of NASA's DART satellite.  Work is busier than ever and we're running recruiting open house events in three cities in November so all the prep work for those is going on.  Whew!  I'm in need of a day at the spa!

I've had a running list of cute things the kids have been doing that I wanted to write about but now can't remember them all except that Jackson looked at his sloppy joe one night at dinner and proclaimed that the sesame seeds look like raindrops.  He was such a good boy while Dad was gone but missed him terribly. 

Ok - cute stuff that Jackson has done recently -

One morning getting ready for school I was trying to get his shoes on and he kept shuffling his feet around - when I got exasperated with him he said "Chill out, Mom" and had this look of triumph on his face because he has used his newly learned phrase in context.  How could I help but be proud?

Snuggling with the baby has become a routine.  He hugs and kisses Kate before he goes to sleep, gets down on the floor to talk and laugh with her, entertains her when she's playing in her exersaucer.  I can tell it's not a kiss just for show - he really loves her and that makes me so happy.

One night I asked "Jax, how about a hot ham & cheese for dinner?" and he replied "How about a corn dog?".  Too bad we were fresh out of corn dogs, huh?

He will be Spiderman for Halloween.  There are already several cute pics of him in costume as well as a few from Friday of Piggers dressed as a ladybug and posing with her new beau Donovan, dressed as billygoat....more later. 

I got out recently - last weekend while Jeff was away I had a babysitter come over and went to a scrapbooking crop on Friday night and to a wine tasting at the neighbors' on Saturday night.  The wine tasting was a great time.  There were 5 wines and food to go along with each and the company was fabulous because it was all the neighbors that I chat with periodically by the mailbox, etc. and we really got to catch up.  Best of all, I only had to stagger up the street to get home. 

Tomorrow we're off to a baby's first birthday brunch and later Alex will join Jackson for the Halloween trick or treating.  I like to stay home and greet all of the neighborhood kids and hand out the candy.  Katherine may go with the big kids and she may stay home with me...that has not been decided. 

It's so wonderful to have Jef f back home.  My partner who makes me and our children so happy and who I need so much to make things run around here.  (Notice I left out the word smoothly because who has a smooth ride these days?)