Monday, September 6, 2010


One thing about me is that I have to have things figured out. I can't let go of a conundrum. And so when presented with the question "Why and How a person can act the way they do?" my little ole pea brain just kept working on it until the AHA moment came...ARROGANCE

It's kind of like "the devil made me do it" (fellow old-timers, that was Flip Wilson wasn't it? I loved Flip Wilson)

Yes, sometimes it's pure, unrelenting ARROGANCE that drives behavior. Trying to wrap your brain around "how could they be that way", "why can't they see the damage they do" is's ARROGANCE through and through.

Now I can work on the next puzzle....

Happy free "stay at home day" to all who are enjoying a day off and the lovely East Coast/Mid-Atlantic weather!


Serge said...

This is too philosophical for an early hour. :)

Serge said...
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