Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mid-Summer Touchpoint.....

The kids are having a pretty good summer and playing with neighborhood friends, just like in the old days when no one had yet coined the term "play date".

I've been busy with work during this middle part of the summer but not teaching. It's the good kind of busy - interesting work, interesting client, great team, clear expectations, good communication, flexibility about where I work. Everything I love about working at Deloitte!

We took our Outer Banks, NC beach vacation a bit earlier this year mostly due to indecision about whether to take the house for 1 week or 2 causing a delay in reserving and so we had to take what was available. One week is never enough in Corolla. I was ready to come home because of things on my mind back home, mostly work, but I could have been convinced to stay. We had a lovely week with no rainy, non-beach days. I read four books, did a fair amount of knitting, rode a bike to the beach every day, and steaming broccoli one evening was the extent of my cooking.

While I love late August vacations I will admit that having a little more summer left after the vacation is a nice change. I can actually show off my "savage tan" at the pool if the mood strikes.

I have a day of boating on Lake Anna, a trip with Kate and another mom and daughter to NYC to the American Girl Place, the Donna Summer concert to look forward to before summer ends.

This narrative of "what I did this summer" is devoid of any of my musings and witty remarks so pretty boring fare. More to come!

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